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Created 25-Feb-18
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The Blue Horizon – a beautiful, historic boxing venue in Philadelphia. The venue formerly held 1,500 seats and was even voted the #1 boxing venue in the world by The Ring magazine. So, how exactly did it come to be abandoned and nearly forgotten about?
How can we become so wasteful, blind and forgetful of these structures that tell great stories of United States, or even World history? Surely this venue has far more historic significance than many of the numerous abandoned warehouses sprawled across our country’s landscape. An article in Sports Illustrated had even said that they believed it was the last great boxing venue in the country. So how is it that the future befalling this once great structure is nearly the same as these disused warehouses, or for that matter, the trash in your very own kitchen?
I always find it so difficult to grasp when I see places like this simply allowed to fall into such disrepair, crumbling to pieces. I find it so insane that someone can even conceive the idea in their head that it would be better off having nothing, or in this case, covering historically significant beauty with a parking garage.
Of the numerous amazing, historic moments to take place within these walls, one of the most unforgettable moments to many would be the appearance of the Blue Horizon ring in the film Rocky V, when some of the fight scenes with Tommy Morrison being filmed in this very location. The ring was also used during the filming of boxing scenes in the movie Annapolis, featuring James Franco and Tyrese Gibson. Architectural Afterlife

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