39.Eric J Stricko
I enjoyed your "National Vulcanized Fibre" set! As decayed as the ol' mill is, your pictures bring back bittersweet memories, as I used to be a foreman there....
38.Billie Besser(non-registered)
Some of your pictures could be on a Nat Geo site or could be part of emails of very good photography that are forwarded to me. You certainly have a good eye.
Your work is breath taking!
32.Ted Van Pelt(non-registered)
I enjoy your work, you get better every day. Your an awesome friend too.
30.David Stauffer(non-registered)
Home snowed in so I had time to look at your site. In addition to having the time you have a gift. I love your work and the subjects you pick. Do you think I can obtain some of your gift through osmosis ???
29.Jeffrey Munchel(non-registered)
Absolutely great work!
28.joseph gibbons(non-registered)
great slides !!! acn they be slowed down
24.Robert Smith(non-registered)
Great images. You have an excellent eye for composition and detail. Always love to see the art of great photography!
22.Diane Sanderson(non-registered)
Unbelievable Pictures! They show such a sensitive nature and are so inspiring. Really enjoyed them.
21.Elizabeth Fischer(non-registered)
Add you know I love your work. I hope you do not mind that I posted your site to Facebook. Thanks Mike for bringing such beauty to my eyes.
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